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Thread: It's A Knockout - Giant Penguins Game - This will cheer you up

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    It's A Knockout - Giant Penguins Game - This will cheer you up

    It's A Knockout was a British TV game show which ran from 1966 to 1982. The games were best described as school Sports Day for adults. For example, team members would attempt to carry buckets full of water over greasy poles or rolling logs to fill up a receptacle. Often, members of the other teams would be allowed to interfere; for example, members of one team may have been permitted to squirt the other teams with water cannons or throw custard pies at them. Limited budgets meant that games were often a variation on what could be done with a long piece of elastic, a lot of water, including the use of a portable swimming pool and a roundabout. The teams were kitted out with various oversized outlandish suits made from latex, which added to the entertainment.

    It was hilarious viewing and definitely benefited from one of the commentators, called Stuart Hall, who was famous for collapsing into genuine hysterical laughter mid-way through commentating on any particular game on a regular basis.

    Here is a classic example from the programme -

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    how about the old US show, "Battle of the Network Stars"... :-)

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