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Thread: Child's birthday party - any ideas?!

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    Child's birthday party - any ideas?!

    Can anyone recommend a good place to hold a boy's 4th birthday party?

    Alternatively, if we decide to have the party at home, any recommendations of good entertainers (magic/puppet show, clowns, etc...)? And perhaps caterers?

    Please include as many details as possible, to save me having to search around - contact name (and whether they only speak Russian), telephone number, website (if applicable), costs, etc...

    Many thanks!

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    ronymo Guest
    teatr ruk (hands theatre) - 2 lovely ladies who put on a show with their hands, they bring their own props, great for kids of all ages. we've had them several times. call tatiana babitcheva on 716-05-80; we never tried english with them so go for russian. also check out their website for an idea of what they're about:
    truly highly recommended.

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    ronymo Guest
    oops, pressed go too soon... believe cost was around $100 but can't remember exactly and we didn't bother with a receipt.

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    ronymo Guest
    others have had b-days in various kids' clubs, the cost was rather like a wedding - per guest, fixed menu (totally unnecessary, the kids would have gone for crisps and ice cream, instead were sat down at wedding-like tables and most of the food was left over). however they enjoyed the activities: clowns, makeup artists, various run-all-over-the-place-screaming type of things. 3 places i remember off the top of my head were tsentr on Kholodilniy pereulok (metro tulskaya), arlekino off metro taganskaya, and samalyot bowling on presnenskiy val (1905 metro). don't know the prices but the parents of the bride/groom felt oppressed... which is why we opted for the teatr ruk in our own home, and it was worth it.

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    Alethea Guest
    Do you know a center near Tulskaya metro ?
    They have a big play area, sort of Snakes and Ladders. My 5 years old loves it. I've seen birthday parties for young kids there-with clowns, animators etc. There is also a small cafe upstairs where you can get pepsi, juices and crisps for kids.
    By the way, parents can do roller skating or play bowling while kids enjoying the party

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    ronymo Guest
    that's the one i mentioned - tsentr on kholodilniy pereulok.

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    Thank you very much, ronymo and alethea - please keep your suggestions coming - I keep meaning to check out that Kholodilniy Centre, but somehow we always seem to end up at the nearby Mir Detsve instead!

    And thank you to whoever deleted broadmoor's totally sick comment - quite unbelievable and totally unnecessary...

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    KaKao Guest
    Wondering how to make your childŐs upcoming birthday special? Are the kids tired of having their friends over for cake, goodie bags and pin-the-tail-on the donkey? Well thereŐs good news: Moscow is packed with places that will provide a fun filled day you and your children will remember for years to come.

    For instance, at the popular childrenŐs club Liell, birthday-goers will be met at the door by a host of fairy tale characters, including Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood. Inside, they can wander through a maze, have there faces painted, or be entertained by clowns and magicians. On the dance floor, a DJ spins the latest hits, and the restaurant offers a special kids menu.

    At Star Galaxy, miniature science fiction fans can board a simulated starship and visit far away planets. Between intergalactic journeys, space travelers can occupy themselves at the arcade, watch movies on a big screen theater, or enjoy a milk cocktail at the caf_. In case you need to take a break, your children can play under the watchful eyes of a nanny.

    A large and rowdy crowd will find an endless variety at the vast entertainment multiplex "Tsentr Na Tulskoi". Here kids can play a game of laser paintball in a huge, neon lit labyrinth, roller skate or try their hand at bowling. There are also billiard tables, a restaurant and arcade games.

    If a costume party is what you had in mind, give Na Semi Kholmakh (On Seven Hills), a call. A costume company that outfits actors for the stage and screen, "Na Semi Kholmakh" will dress your children and their friends up as pirates, fantastical animals or their favorite cartoon characters. Costumes can be purchased, rented or custom made.

    Future movie stars will love Pyats Zvyozd (Five Stars), where kids work with cinema professionals to star in and direct their own feature film! Before shooting the movie, children decide on a scenario, choose from amongst themselves directors, camera operators and actors, and rehearse. At the end of the day, party goers take home a videotape of their film. Pyats Zvyozd also features a multiplex movie theater, an arcade and a family restaurant.

    For those who feel there kidŐs birthday celebration would not be complete without an army of jugglers, acrobats, and perhaps a lion or two, the world famous Bolshoi Circus will certainly do the trick. This legendary Moscow institution has been entertaining young and old alike for three decades with a variety of first class programs, ranging from the aerial to the aquatic. Before the performances begin, kids can gather in the VIP room, which holds up to 18, where they will be amused by clowns and magicians. The circus is currently presenting the popular musical "Svadba Soek" (Wedding of the Jaybirds), a fairy tale about love and adventure among birds that is sure to be a hit with youngsters.

    An afternoon of ice skating awaits birthday-goers at the TsPKiO Imeni Gorkova, one of MoscowŐs largest outdoor ice skating rinks. Skates can be bought or rented, and lessons are provided for beginners. While taking a break from the ice, kids can warm up with a delicious cup of hot chocolate at the rinkŐs caf_.

    If all of the previous ideas sound great but you want your party to a) be completely over the top and b) to come to you, give Ostrov Mechti (Fantasy Island) a call. Ostrov Mechti will provide a custom made party- complete with photographers, musicians, dancers, illusionists, and even elephants or any other type of exotic animal, at your home, dacha or the restaurant of your choice.

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    KaKao Guest
    Star Galaxy
    2nd floor of the Crocus City mall, intersection of Mkad and Volokamskovo Shosse
    Metro: Shukinskaya/Tushinskaya
    Hours of Operation: 12:00 pm-10:00pm on weekdays
    10:00 am-11:00pm on weekends
    90-180 rubles/ attraction, special discounts available to groups
    Tel: 782-7399

    Liell - ‹ĺëü
    112 Prospekt Mira
    Metro: Alexeevskaya
    Hours of Operation: Monday and Tuesday 12:00 pm-11:00 pm, Wednesday and Friday 11:00 am-11:00 pm, Saturday and Sunday 10:00 am-11:00 pm.
    Entrance is free for adults, 350r. for children on weekdays, 500r. on weekends
    Tel:287 3114, 287 3529

    Bolshoi Circus
    7 Prospekt Bernadskovo
    Metro: Universitsiet
    Weekday shows start at 7:00 pm, on weekends at 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm
    Tickets are from 30-850r., 200r. to rent VIP room
    Tel: 930 0272, 930 2815,

    Na Semi Kholmakh
    28 Marshala Tchukova
    Tel: 550 1159

    Pyats Zvyozd
    25, Ulitsa Barkhushina
    Metro: Paveletskaya
    Tel: Sat-Sun- 953 3328
    Weekdays- 953 3348

    Tsentr Na Tulskoi
    3, Kholodilnii pereulok
    Metro: TulŐskaya
    Tel: 958 5883

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    Alethea Guest
    I would like to try Lel club, but it seems to be a bit overpriced.
    Centre na Tulskoy costs 200 RUR per hour for a kid if you want to visit play area. And don't forget that you will have to buy some snacks, drinks etc etc not to mention silly toys they sell there . Last time we went there my older one played mini-bowling . Game costs 220 RUR . He played two times in a row and made me buy extra tokens for computer games/

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    ronymo Guest
    if you're having a birthday party there they calculate it differently (NOT that that means cheaper...)

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