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Thread: Best of Russia

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    Quote Originally Posted by vossy7 View Post
    Gervais , incredible , it needs a soundtrack and I love this Schnittke piece
    String quartet No. 2 , I heard this for the first time at a concert inside the Bulgarian Embassy in Moscow back in the 1990s , not everyone's cup of tea!
    Vossy - thanks a lot. I like it too.
    "My" soundtrack to this shot was initially this one:


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    Super place of Russia - Crimean penninsula. Operation "Polite armed people". Enjoy Vivaldi.

    [ame=""]"Polite People" Ops in Crimea / Операция "Вежливые Люди" - YouTube[/ame]
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    Back to the original subject: I went to see the exhibition on Saturday and liked it very much. Also the Winzavod complex is an oasis in Moscow. Great recommendation, thnks

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