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Thread: Great photos

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    some great photoshop though....

    the Estonian girl on the Vespa and the fishbowl must be a photo shop. can something like that be really naturally? the right forearm is at a very unnatural angle. and a big bowl like that without any fastenings on the back of the vespa, water splashing out? well you can fool some people all the time but not ALL the people all the time.
    and reading through the comments, the consensus is there, the picture is NOT real.

    THOUGH i have to admit, there were also lots of animal pictures around (not now but also posted here) of little ducklings flying from their nest high up on a tree. and many comments were also -not possible, ducks don't -roost- on trees-. there were never any replies or statements or more links. and just a few days i had to revise my comment as well. it was in a National geographic series about baby animals, that showed the colorful Mandarin Duck (mother) nesting high up the ground in a tree hole. so the young would be safe from Foxes and the like. and when they were ready to leave the nest and start swimming, they just jumped out of the tree, it was about 4?5? m high, and fell/fluttered down onto the soft forest ground. shook of the leaves and followed the mother into the water. not worse for wear after i would have thought they for sure must be at least have broken a leg or wing....
    so, maybe that girl is NOT photoshopped?
    There is no greater treasure then pleasure....

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    nice pics !

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