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Thread: Hello from Australia!

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    Hello from Australia!

    Hello everyone! Glad to be part of this forum I thought I would introduce myself. I am 28 years old, I was born in Russia, but immigrated to Australia 7 years ago. I went to university in Australia (Bachelor of Commerce) and now work in finance (audit). I am thinking of moving to Russia (Moscow) in the future (as all my family is still in Russia and I miss everyone terribly and Moscow seems like the best place to work and live there). However, I have some concerns such as: is it hard to find good and well-paid job in finance (preferably audit) in Moscow (I am graduate audit analyst at the moment and work for the government here in Australia, my future prospects are quite good here), is there a big expat community? (I have good social life here, have lots of mates to hang out, and I am afraid that if I move I will be really bored), are there suburbs where expats live? (clean, well-maintained, safe you know what I mean) and safety - is Moscow really that bad in terms of safety (this is what I hear on TV). Any advice would be much appreciated! ))

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    Quote Originally Posted by Australian2013 View Post
    ... Any advice would be much appreciated! ))
    Welcome to expat.ru Do you говорите

    Life is tough pilgrim, it's even tougher if you're stupid

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    hello from AUSTRIA

    actually i am 22 years in Russia, just that i was born in Austria, you know that place that has NO 'roos..... or at least in zooparks only, though the odd one does escape and we have fun a few days to catch them.

    Welcome to Moscow, forget what you read in the press. you know as well only bad news sell news or make ratings...
    There is no greater treasure then pleasure....

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