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    hi, i am an indian citizen,and my gf is russian citizen and we are planning to get marry and we are planning to get marry in ryazan, as i am indian citizen so i need to know what documents i will require in ryazan to get marry,
    as my girlfriend has inquired in ryazan in registrar office n they has given a list of documnets to be submited,but i am littel confused ,

    pls help

    thank you
    anurag jain

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    1st - "Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage" or "No Marriage Certificate" - You can make it in India at "Magistrate office" or you even can get it in India Embassy in Russia.

    If you want to make it in India, go to Magistrate office & write a "Affidavit" that you are unmarried. Then take this affidavit to Home department at Mantralaya, Mumbai, take stamp of concerned officer on affidavit. Then go to Delhi & take appostile stamp on it. Without stamp of Home department of State, Delhi will not give Appositile stamp on ur Affidavit. Only Appostile document from India is accepted in Russia (or any country). In russian translate this Affidavit to russian language & make a notary proof. The translator company can do it for u. Translation n notary cost will be 1000 to 1500 Rub. It takes max. 10 days to make this doc. 1 working day in Magistrate office, 1 working day in Mantralaya (go to 9th floor of New building, opposite to Old one), 1 to 3 working days in Delhi.

    or If you want to make it in Russia, just go to India embassy & ask them to issue it for u.

    2nd - Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)
    - Either make it through Passport office in India or Indian Embassy in Russia. (This doc can take longer time, depends on the officer in concerned department). It can take 10 days to 6 months time.

    If you taking it from Indian embassy in Russia then you need to legalize this PCC, which is different than Notary proof. A separate dept to Legalize foreign docs.

    3rd - Notary Translated copy of Your Passport & Visa.

    Very Important - All details (including name, address, place of birthtetc) must be same on all your docs (No marriage certificate, PCC, Passport, Visa). Check details on visa properly, bcs sometimes Russian embassy can make mistakes & details in English and Russian on Visa can differ . Check your visa details with some russian speaking person.
    Visa is the only doc which they will consider for all your future docs in russia. If some details in wrong in visa then either u need to change the visa or need to change your docs. so be careful with visa.

    Best wishes for your marriage.

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