Hi all.

I am an Italian-Brazilian with a long history of moving abroad behind me. I just graduated from a UKuniversity and decided to move to Russia because I love it here (call me crazy)and because I want to learn Russian fluently (ditto).

Iinitially moved to Saint Petersburg about a month ago because this is my favourite place in the world and I love it here, plus Ihave many friends (all Russians). But Ifound what looks like a great job in Moscow and the offer is too good to miss. At the capital, I only know a handful of people, and there aren't many Ican call close friends.

I am already looking for a place to live in Moscow, ideally near Mezhdunarodnaya metro station, or not far. I plan to move to Moscow early next month (October 5th or 6th are tentative dates for now, with work commencing on the 7th).

Is anybody looking for, or does anybody know of, a place to live near there?I would prefer to share a flat with someone, but don't mind living alone if you can recommend something.


Spasibo i vsego dobrogo