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Thread: Voikovskaya to SVO2

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    Voikovskaya to SVO2

    Has anyone been to the airport lately? I know in the states things go crazy around the holidays and am just trying to see when you expert travelers think I should leave my apartment.

    I live right off of Leningradskoe shosse right next to Voikovskaya metro station. Our flight leaves at 1pm. We will have a lot of extra luggage and two cats we will need to get through export customs. Does anyone have any idea what would be a good time to leave? We were thinking 10am, or should we go earlier?

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    10am is probably safe from Voikovskaya. Are you going on a work-day or weekend? The traffic around MegaMall/IKEA is appalling on Sat/Sun currently, and although normally weekends would be better, nearer to NY they are worse than weekdays

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    If your flight leaves 1pm, means registration starts 10am. To be on a safe side, leave your house at 9am.
    Leningradskoye is famous with unexpected traffic jams. Once it took me 50 minutes to drive from Vodni Stadion to Rechnoy Vokzal, due to some accident half of the highway was blocked for movement........

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