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Thread: Can i exercise paternity rights here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrzuzzo View Post
    The post reminded me of a story out of Maury or Jerry Springer.

    I don't have any practical advice but I think it's too late for us to be asking why he slept with her in the first place.
    Well - he gotta back off then - you can't be in Russia dissing our Russian women

    And speaking of sending the kid abroad to study or whatever - this won't happen without HER consent until the kid is 18 - even if you establish your paternity and agree on visitation rights, she will probably inform the authorities that the father is a foreigner and the child should not be allowed to cross the border without her authorization - this means that even if you kidnap him and try to take him out of the country, you will be stopped at the border and most likely end up in kutuzka. Then your Russian visa will be revoked and you will not see the kid until he is grown - so don't even go there

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    To the OP, it seems you have a lot of animosity towards the boys mother.
    My recommendation is still to get a paternity test as soon as possible. Are you still together in Singapore or will be again? Then I would get the test taken there.
    For the child's sake, try to be amicable when around each other and if possible limit your time together with the mother.
    Apparently, she was not all that bad in the beginning and there can be cross cultural differences.
    I know of another similar case, where the mother dropped out of sight before the birth and until about two years later. She apparently had told two different men they were the father and picked the one she liked best. When that broke up, she went for the other. Finally, after years of maintaince number two was able to get a DNA test, and was not the biological father. This happened in Russia and the mother was Russian. I just thought it was interesting that in your case and the case I know about the mother refused all contact until she wanted something.
    Anyway, keep in mind if the boy is your son, this is his mother, so be polite.
    And also if he is a great kid, she contributed half

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