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Thread: visa information

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    visa information

    Hello, I am new to the forum. I have been in Russia since September 2012 on a student visa. It is due to end June 30th. I want to return to check out work and try and establish contacts for a business I do with my daughter. I am an American with UK Residency. I asked a company that helps with visa's and they said I can apply in the Uk without having to return to the US. THis makes it simple. I am interested in getting the 3 year Business visa, but they tell me I need letter of invite from a company here in Russia. Does anyone know about this? I do not know what companies I will be doing business with. I can get a letter of introduction from our company... or make my own? There are two letters needed. I am foggy about this. If not, I do have a Russian friend who would write an invitation as a guest for the 3 year guest visa, I think the business one is easier to get. I have to leave the end of June and fly to London to apply. Any information would help. I am so new at this. THanks

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    I can get a letter of introduction from our company... or make my own?
    If your company is Russian, yes. But the nature of your question says that it is not.

    My recommendation - contact Vadim at Liga Consultant in Moscow.

    You _should_ be able to get the new 3 year visa with a day trip to Vilnius or Tallinn if you do not want to return to the UK.

    For a better understanding of the new 3 year visas and the requirements for Russian entities/citizens to issue a letter of invitation I recommend referring to the San Francisco Russian Consulate web page.

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