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Thread: Summer hot water shut-off to end

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    Summer hot water shut-off to end

    Regular hot water cut-offs may end in Moscow in 2017

    by Aleksandras Budrys at 28/02/2013 17:54 The Moscow News

    Muscovites may forget about annual summer cut-offs of hot water in four years, a spokeswoman for the Moscow United Energy Company (MOEK) responsible for hot water and heat supplies said on Thursday.

    “MOEK has set a target to put an end to hot water cut-offs and it is quite possible that this can be achieved in summer of 2017,” she said.

    Traditionally, Muscovites had to live without hot water three weeks per year. But this period was reduced to two weeks in 2010 and to 10 days from 2011 due to the introduction of new technologies and the installation of new pipes.

    **keep your fingers crossed - remember you are in Russia**

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    I remember when 'traditionally' the three weeks would regularly extend to five-seven weeks. And when you'd know the (theoretical) start date but not the exact end date. But that was part of the fun -it gave you an excuse to see your friends and show up with beer and your towel in hand!!!

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    does not bother me anymore

    [QUOTE=robertmf;1132084]Regular hot water cut-offs may end in Moscow in 2017

    since we do not rent, be have our own boiler, a small shoe box size heater. eats electricity of course because it is direct heat and no night energy saver. but it gives the same amount of hot water for the shower or bath and kitchen as from the normal tap. bought it some 10 years ago and still going strong, fair enough works only a month or so every year....
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