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    Quote Originally Posted by mrzuzzo View Post

    I have a friend that rode from South Africa to Belgium on a Transalp.

    Those are great bikes and will definitely take anything thrown at them.

    I ride a BMW F800 now, switched to more sport-touring from a standard.
    The F800gs its a very comfy bike for traveling and driving through the street... Not that big and still have a lot of power (and gives you protection agains wind). I think that sport tourism bikes are made for Russian kind weather and roads, you can drive it even with a little snow on the road maybe (just saying, never trayed it before, but I prefer to try on a F800 or a transalp instead of a cb400 or a ninja)

    I hope IŽll start with an old 1990's transalp, there is a lot of them all over the country and they still have plenty of accsesorys and engine part for replacement, those bikes are for using it for more than 200.000kms, so, I'll notice you when I will have any news, maybe weŽre going to meet eachother on the road one day!

    Good bye pal!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrzuzzo View Post
    I started riding last summer with the safety course..
    This safety course, was it in Russia or your home country?

    I'm planning to move to Moscow in 2015 for a year +, and am thinking about getting my license before I go.

    You recommend I get licensed at home (California), or is this safety course good enough

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    Hi all
    long time no see

    Just to let you know that I've opened a service station
    BMW-licenced and oriented and always have almost every BMW spareparts in stock but we can do almost anything, though it might need 12-30hrs to find parts.
    we import a lot of stuff by ourselves so we're a bit cheaper then the big guys

    we can service you, we can fix you, we can teach you how to ride on a track or offroad
    ask for alex if you don't speak russian

    rock on

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    Hi All,

    The time to brush the dust away from our bikes is coming soon H.O.G. Capital Chapter Russia welcomes all H-D owners (and other brands) and we will be glad to see you all guys! May - Oct we normally ride out together every Thursday and on week-ends. As well as travel to a number of bikes fests in the region or Europe/USA. Until May we gather also on Thursdays occasionaly in pubs or alike just to spend some time together. Please, join us any time! You can visit us for more info at

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