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Thread: coming to Russia to teach

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    coming to Russia to teach

    I'm more interested in Americans i.e. citizens of USA and to a lesser degree in Btits, Canadians, Aussies and Kiwis who come to Europe and Russia as language teachers (or come here and do TEFL exams and become language teachers). Or generally, I am interested in people who come to Russia on their own accord, not those who are sent abroad by their companies.
    Why do they leave home? Is it because they are not employable at home? Wander-lust? Russia being the last frontier? :-)? Interest in Russian culture?
    Desire to meet docile women?
    And if an American leaves home why does he (she) chose to come to Russia? And if he (she) decides to come to Russia, what makes to choose Moscow? or why they go to Petersburg?

    And then I am interested in the span of 1990-now.
    Thank you in advance.
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    I met a Russian girl in America that needed help so I helped her. She then invited me to Russia and again I met a girl who I thought needed help so I married her.

    Then I fell in love with Russia.
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    I met a Russian girl in Russia, and helped her. She was amazed to find 250 condoms in my suitcase, told her I'd packed them for emergencies. She helped me understand emergency planning. I married her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Englishman In Moscow View Post
    She was amazed to find 250 condoms in my suitcase, told her I'd packed them for emergencies.
    At ole goo times Soviet geologists and soil scientists were using condoms as a protective package for samples of soils and rock formations
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