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Thread: Places to Donate Clothing, etc.

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    Places to Donate Clothing, etc.

    I read some archived threads about clothing donations and didn't seem to find anywhere for people to make such donations easily. A friend of mine did some research at my request and came up with the following. I hope it helps.

    After doing some research, I think that this is the place I would donate things to, if I were you, for the following reasons:

    - they accept almost every thing: not only clothes (like most of the other organizations), but also shoes, household appliances, tableware, etc.;
    - they are located in the center of the city on circular line, Novoslobodskaya metro station (which is 2 stops away from Krasnopresnenskaya), and they are a very short walk away from the metro station itself;
    - they accept donations every week day, except for Thursday, throughout normal working hours unlike other organizations, which do this three hours a day on selected days only. Plus, they are the easiest to access over the phone

    The organization is called Committee "Civic Aid". They help refugees and forced migrants.
    Their exact address is Dolgorukovskaya Str. 33 bld. 6, see the map here
    The woman over the phone told me that they are located in the basement of the building, their door has a sign with the name of the organization - Комитет "Гражданское содействие", and you need to ring the doorbell in order to enter.

    Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find any organization that could come to your place and pick things up from you.
    There was one, but they charge you 1000 roubles for this.

    I have found a very useful list of places that accept donations: . It's in Russian.
    I think that this is a very good link to share on, except that it probably needs to be translated (I am not aware of the audience of the site).
    In brief, the organizations are split into three groups:

    - there are churches, which are difficult to get a hold of over the phone in order to find out what things they accept: only food, clothes or other things
    - there are orphanages, which mainly accept child / teenage clothes and toys
    - there are all the others, which vary in requirements for things, working hours and locations.

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    On Sundays at Kursky Rail Station, there is a van which accepts clothing for charity. They ask that you launder it before donation, if possible.

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    Donation of clothes etc.

    I would like to warmly recommend Dr. Liza's fund, located Pyatnistakay Ul. 17/4, str. 1.

    Open every day except Sundays. Mo-Fr 11:00-18:00, Saturdays 14:00-21:00

    They will gratefuly take gently used, clean clothes and shoes, as well as dry food for their street kitchen fr the homeless providing free meals at Kursky vokzal every day :
    rice, buckwheat, canned meat, fish and vegetables, teabags, sugar, dry biscuits

    They are also looking for volunteers (you will need to speak some Russian thou)

    Thank you for sharing !

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