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Thread: Golf Pro from US here for the summer

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    Golf Pro from US here for the summer

    Hola, folks!

    I just arrived for a 2-3 month stay in Moscow. I'm teaching golf at Pestovo Golf and Yacht Club on the weekends, and spending time during the week at Links National Golf Club where I'm designing a learning center for a golf academy to open next summer.

    My apartment is in Sokol District, and I'm looking to hook up with some new friends. I'm 37, single, from southern California, and just one hell of a guy I spent 1 month here last summer, and two weeks here this past October so I am more familiar with Moscow than a typical first-time visitor. Mostly, I'm anxious to explore this forum and find some tips on where to shop for good groceries and household items near my apartment, and where to see all the big summer movies in English! (Is that even possible?)

    Cheers, all!


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    Hi there, welcome back to Moscow
    If you want, you can someday join our "group of expats" for coffee,bar,lunch etc. so you can get experiences more faster than reading it in forum.

    You can write me a msg or text me to 89060548866


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    I love boats! My Dad*s friend has 3 in Cyprus, I love driving them when we go there. ( Would be curious to try it here as well )

    As for golf, haven*t done it for ages, but wud love to resume at some point for sure.

    Anyways welcome and enjoy your stay here.

    I am sure you will have a lot of fun
    *The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.*
    ― Abraham Lincoln

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