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As for the City of Vladimir, this is Russia's old capital too, so there are three capitals in Russia - Moscow, Petersburg and Vladimir. I read in some articles today.

Don't forget also Novgorod (Veliky Novgorod, rather than Nizhny Novgorod). It was the original medieval capital of Russia, to which Rurik was called to rule the country. The Rurikid Princes later moved to Kiev - but Novgorod was the original capital of Rus'.

Veliky Novgorod is too far as a day-trip from Moscow - it takes about 7 hours to drive (and you wouldn't want to, it's a miserable road clogged with HGV trucks). But there is a convenient and inexpensive overnight train from Moscow, leaves around 9pm, arrives 05:30 the next morning. Make sure you've booked a hotel where you can crash out on arrival Then you can have the whole day to see the town. The main attraction is the medieval Kremlin, the oldest in the whole country (all the others of that period were destroyed in the Mongol and Pecheneg invasions of the C13th and C14th, but Novgorod survived, because it was further north than the Mongols went).

Novgorod would be a nice place for a weekend trip - and in fact we have some Long Weekend holidays coming up in the calendar right now Although it's a small town there are some nice places to eat and drink there, and a good range of reasonably-priced hotels