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Thread: To English speaking Russian students at MGU

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    klbuck Guest

    To English speaking Russian students at MGU

    Hello! My name is Kim and I am an Amercian student. I am studying and interning at Moscow State University this year. I am with a group of other American students and we provide students with different programs, resources, and an American English Club. I would like to make some more Russian friends who attend MSU who are interested in meeting, hanging out, talking about different topics, and also practicing their English with me. Maybe I can even practice my Russian! Please email me at: if you would be interested in meeting. I would really love it! Have a great day!

    Kim Buck

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    um no...

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    Artem Guest
    Why not? I wish I was in Moscow. Kim, are you going to visit St.Petersburg?

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    klbuck Guest
    Yes, I will be in St. Petersburg at the end of January. I am excited about it. Do you live there?

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    Artem Guest
    I do. Check your mailbox. You've just got a letter.

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    wwallmann Guest

    You should learn to speak Russian


    when coming to Russia you should put all efforts in studying Russian and you shouldn`t found any American language societies or whatsoever.
    I lived one year in Krasnoyarsk and all the time tried not to speak English or my mother tongue German.

    Bear that in mind, smarty!

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