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Thread: Could top Cricket players make the transition to play top level Baseball?

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    Could top Cricket players make the transition to play top level Baseball?

    Now I do know feck all about Baseball but I was watching the 20/20 cricket over the past days and some bloke (I canít remember who!) hit a six that traveled 106 meters. It got me wondering how many Cricketers could make the transition to play Baseball and vice-versa.

    I did get some data on this and I reckon that some of the top batsmen could make the change. The batsmen I think could would include Hayden / Ponting and Gilchrist.

    I also think that in fielding a lot of crickets could make the transition.

    Dimensions of Yankee Stadium

    Distance from home plate to:

    Left Field - 318 ft (96m)
    Left-Center - 399 ft (121m)
    Center Field - 408 ft (124m)
    Right-Center - 385 ft (117m)
    Right Field - 314 ft (95m)

    Distance between pitcher and battter is 60.5 feet

    Distance between bowler and batsmen is 58 feet

    Fastest ball recorded in cricket was 100.2 mph (Shoaib Akhtar against England Ė it was recorded at 161.3 kms per hour)

    Fastest pitch recorded was 100.9 mph ( by Nolan Ryan is the record in the Guinness Book of Records pitching for the Angels against the Chicago White Sox in 1974)

    Both bowling / pitching speeds for the top guys can average 90-95 mph

    So the batsmen and batter in both sports practically have the same reaction time to hit a ball.

    Those delivery speeds take the bounce into account. Plus the batsmen are 2.5 feet closer than in baseball.

    Just about every member of the Aussie team would also be excellent fieldsmen as their fielding coach was an ex-professional baseball fielding coach

    On average a baseball fielder covers 16,500 square feet while a cricket fielder covers 19,500 square feet.

    Also cricket fielders don't have safety gloves. That's not to suggest that they're in anyway better!

    There's also a few crickets who have the build to look like Baseball players - Inzamam immediately springs to mind and in fact makes some baseball players look positively slim.

    I'm just curious what our American cousins think?

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    Didn't Botham once give it a go?

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    Quote Originally Posted by matlockk View Post
    Didn't Botham once give it a go?
    That does ring a bell but the only thing I do recall was him being at the Oval one time when there was some Baseball exhibition game on and he took on a pitching machine and did quite well against it.

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