New guy here. Wife went to Russia to visit her folks (she's a Russian citizen with a US resident card). She took along our 4 year old son who traveled on a Russian visa. Wifes trip ended up lasting a bit longer than expected and our son's visa expired. Customs control at airport (Samara) would not allow son to leave and my wife was pointed back to OVIR. Currently on the first few steps of correcting this problem...OVIR then to police for additional paperwork and authorization and then this monday, back to OVIR. Wife was advised to then visit customs control at airport once more to insure paperwork meets their approval before re-booking flights home. At the moment it would seem we have the situation under control but I'm wondering if there's any problems that might pop up...things we may be completely unaware of (dealing with government red any country...generally will bring about a few surprises). Thanks in advance if anyone can give me a heads up over hidden issues that may arise.