Ronnie Whelan,
Alan Kennedy,
Phil Neal,
Ray Houghton,
John Aldridge,
Jason McAteer,
Phil Babb,
John Barnes,
Ian Rush,
Gary McAllister,
Patrik Berger,
Gary Gillepie,
Jan Molby

Remember these guys? I am looking to set up a couple of matches in the Regions, so far the above guys have confirmed they will play, but I am going to have to cover the costs of course, I or Shooters will probably sponsor part of the costs

September 3rd (or thereabouts) in Ulyanovsk and Samara

Ticket prices for the Stadium TBC

Play during the game for Liverpool or in fact for the legends of Russia (the opposition) TBC but reasonable, you can even buy the coaching or managers job for the day

Of course, mixing with the guys, pictures etc, they will make an appearance at Shooters of course, that should be a fun night

So this is a little tester, I have a lot of interest from the Liverpool supporters club in the UK, let me know if any of you guys are interested