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Thread: ESL/EFL Russian teachers??? in Ekaterinburg?

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    ESL/EFL Russian teachers??? in Ekaterinburg?

    Hello there. I am the owner of a Moscow-based English school. We are interested in finding some good English teachers (native Russians and expats) for a client of ours in Ekaterinburg.

    Anyone interested should PM me.

    Thank you.

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    Larry Paradine is offline Incompetent wizard, frantically calculating how many of his seven plus one lives are left
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    I'm not looking for a job so I'm not replying by pm, but I think your announcement is much too vague. Details such as salary need only be revealed to actual job applicants, but you should at least make it clear whether you're looking for someone already in Ekaterinburg; if not, are you able to sort out the bureaucratic problems that arise from importing a teacher (including visa support and registration with FMS if the teacher doesn't have a PRP)?

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    Hey, Larry!
    I'd add that an unwillingness to reveal details, including salary, can only be a bad sign and only attract the truly desperate. It strongly hints at unpleasant things in any business relationship to come.

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