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Thread: Work Visa - invalid when work contract ends?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattology View Post
    I have no problem in getting a new registration upon return to Russia. I will only come here for the weekends as Friday in / Sunday out. So, in any case, my last registration will be in July and I will not need to be registered anymore at all. This is my understanding and this is what my HR confirmed to me.

    Registration costs 200 RUB or so, so if I do need to stay longer than 7 working days, I am more than willing to pay that amount.

    I believe your HR to be uninformed ,I suggest you ask our resident "answerman" and super-moderator "Fatandy"....he like me, always gives the best answers humanly possible, but he goes above and beyond the call .... PM him..he will clarify best

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    OK, but what exactly was wrong or incorrect information? I do understand that I need to get a registration in case I leave the country for more than 3 business days - this is understood. But then - every time I enter for only 2 days, would I need to be registered again, even if I am within the 7 business day grace period?

    Or did I understand you wrong and you are suggesting that I need a completely different (new) visa?

    In fact, I met FatAndy this morning on his way to the airport and we did talk about this, but we were not 100% sure.

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