while that will mean nothing or little to most newcomers it means a lot to 'old hands' (like me) and of course, nearly to every, Russian.
Ludmilla was one if not THE most loved actress during the cccp time.
The first time i saw her in the Film '(railway) station for two'. she plays a harried overworked and underpaid waitress who feels and falls for a poor traveler who was duped by a Caucasian melon seller, false gold teeth and all, on the station platform. played by the way VERY nice by our now famous Michalkov...
I had to watch it 3 times before i understood the idea of the 'express buffet' when a train came in, but finally i got it.
and there were lots of other films that are STILl highly enjoyable to watch, even after all these years.
RIP Ludmilla, we all will miss you.