Guys, your help will be most appreciated!!! I've posted this message in a different thread the day before ( called the British Consulate here in Moscow, and they said they have this new service introduced in 2011. You bring your UK docs to the Consulate (mine is diploma), they make a so called true copy and send it to FCO with diplomatic mail. The legalisation office does the apostile and sends it back to Moscow. Did anyone try this with the British Consulate before?)
There were no replies, but the matter is that I called to the UK Consulate to check how long this may take ans they say that it may take a week for diplomatic post to travel to UK and a week from UK!!! This is a way too long!!
Does anyone know how long it really takes?
Or did anyone have such experience at all?? I carefully studied the forum, didn' find anything about dealing with UK Consulate. I am close to panic, as this means we will be waiting for apostile to arrive for around 3 weeks now(((((.