To all you naysayers who wrote about the difficulties of getting a 1 yr. ME visa in Paris, you're wrong!

I just returned from Paris & I have to say it was the easiest experience I've ever had. The past 4 yrs. I've gone to Vilnius & was tired of going there despite the fact that the staff at the consulate there are friendly. Decided to combine some vacation time with visa this year & am glad I did.

The line to get into to the consulate was nothing compared to the Baltics. Remember that in the Baltics you have lots of resident Russians who now need visas so it's a bit chaotic there. The Paris consulate is much bigger than in Vilnius so there's plenty of space to fill in your visa app. (as an American I had to ask for the special visa app. form). The guy at the window wasn't particularly friendly, but it took all of 2 minutes. He just took took my documents (I handed over my aids test with my app.), didn't ask for proof of insurance & simply asked when I want to pick up my visa. I could have waited an hour & received it right away, but didn't want to hang around as we were heading to Normandy. Said I'd pick it up in a week. Cost for U.S. citizen was 164 Euros, lots less than in Vilnius. I heard someone say it was an additional 30Euros for 1 hours service, but since I didn't hear it officially I can't confirm that price.

When I went back a wk. later there was no line and I was in & out in less than a minute.

Last yr. in Vilnius they gave me a hard time about my aids test because the the analysis document "only" had my name & birthdate on it (no passport number). They wanted me to get another test locally. I convinced them otherwise, but the family behind me weren't so lucky. This year's results were the same (no passport number), but no questions asked in Paris.

Paris was a otally easy, pleasant experience. Not one question asked. I was a bit apprehensive after reading negative comments here about the consulate in Paris, but it's not true!

There's lots of helpful info on Expat, but beware that not all of it is accurate.