Can anyone explain the current procedures and timelines for getting a work permit (Razreshenie na rabotu)? The laws apparently have changed in the spring and so if anyone has done this recently and has insight to offer, I would greatly appreciate it.

I'm in the middle of the process to get mine now, but I'm not sure that my company knows fully well what they are doing. Like anything, the process has proved to be a mess of bureaucracy, lines, bribes, and so on. I've been told so many different things that I don't even know anymore that I understand what's going on. My HR department has never done this as I am the first and only non-Russian employee to work here.

Basically, I've done all the necessary medical examinations and recieved the certificate that am a healthy individual. What comes next and how long does it take? Must I leave the country and come in on a new type of visa? Then what?