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    What sort of TEFL classes/certificates are worth the fee and which are more less a piece of paper you could make yourself but otherwise not respected and/or not worth the price?

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    Nicely worded!

    I'd already taught for two years when I did my CELTA (at International House in Kyiv this summer). I didn't think I'd need it but CELTA turned out to be a real help and insight into various teaching methodologies.

    So many people bitch and moan about CELTA, but if you're serious about teaching then definitely sign up. It's not as intensive as everyone makes out and of course nothing compels you to use any of the techniques you've learned once you make it into the real world, but you'd really be a fool not to.

    Downside of CELTA is that it is expensive, but it is the most-respected 'first-step' teaching qualification and having it makes finding a job a lot easier (trust me!).

    I chose International House because of its international reputation, and I chose Kyiv because I wanted to be somewhere on the way to Russia. CELTA in Kyiv only costs 750, whereas in Russia I struggled to find it for less than 950. Oh, and for Kyiv you don't need a visa, either (although if you're already in Russia, I don't suppose that matters).

    Cheaper, great city, wonderful tutors, supportive environment - I really recommend the experience.


    But, of course, all teaching qualifications are worthless anyway, aren't they?

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    Celta and Trinity are of course the only qualificaions recocnised in Britain and hence the re<lity is tha these qualifications are the best in the world, because the employers know of them for beginners. They talk of the equivelent . Well this is well described by the British Council. So many hours in theory is important, however you also need so many hours of being observed practically as a teacher. There is a minimum numbers hours of study of which is necessary. If my memory serves me right about 160 hours at least. The course hhas to be recognised by a reputable and known asociation, But be careful , as such associatins are not recognised by the British Council etc, Being recognised by some internet group may not be enough. Look what the top employers seek as quaulifications. The good employers often state CELTA, or Trininity, or the equivelent.Now what is the equivelent?

    For many of us we can't take the Trinity or CELTA. as we might already be be busy trying to make a living. and would like to study online. But be careful as it must accredited by what is recognised. And it must have at least 160 hors of study. plus 40 hours of observed teaching paractice. Very of them are accredited for this. If they say they are accredited in The EU , you can feel safe. I might give you the links later of what the British council expects as qualifications, and what respectable courses are available to you online later if you wish. Because some simply don't have the time or money for celta crash courses in mOscow or anywhere else. But yes tou will be eventualy asked to take a weeks course somewhere in being observed as a teacher in EFL.

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