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Thread: Windows Mobile or Android?

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    Windows Mobile or Android?

    I bought an HTC HD2 (newer version of HTC Desire) today. It runs Windows Mobile 6.5 professional. I like the phone, but all my friends are saying that I should have bought an Android OS phone. I can still exchange it. Should I? If so, for what?

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    Well first of all HTC HD2 was launched a few months before HTC desire so it can't be a newer version of it but its the other way around.The HTC desire has a smaller screen 3.7 runs with the same 1Ghz processor as HD2 and has a higher RAM besides having Android OS.These are the main differences.
    Now to answer your question about OS :The HTC HD2 with its larger screen gives the user a better experience with e-books and watching Videos,hence it was given a Windows Mobile OS because the reading experience on "Mobipocket reader" and watching videos through "Core Player "which are WinMob OS applications concenterate on these two aspects mainly.There are such applications on Android too to read books and watch videos but Mobipocket Reader and Core Media player are two applications with amazing user experience which Android yet has to beat.(I can give you the advantages of these two applications in detail if you are interested)
    Other than that Android has the upper hand on everything else...they have a ton of applications which can be downloaded free of cost right onto the device itself which Windows mobile can't be compared with..especially games and other fun stuff.This is the reason why rest of the HTC models like Nexus one and wildfire they all have Android.
    In my family I prefer e-books/dictionary and videos on mobile devices thus go for Windows Mobile.
    My girlfriend loves browsing the net and playing games etc so goes for Android.
    If you want to exchange ur telephone to Android go for HTC Google Nexus one or HTC desire.Android is going to give them a free upgrade when their new version of OS 2.2 Froyo HTC HD2 which has Windows 6.5 currently wont be upgraded to windows mobile 7 whenever that comes out.

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