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Thread: Not Iceberg and Not Titanic

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    Not Iceberg and Not Titanic

    Google translation: Cruise from St. Petersburg had an accident on the Volga. It happened when the vessel passed through the Rybinsk Reservoir in the Yaroslavl region. Walking Liner Sergei Kirov is not divided road with a cargo barge that was carrying sand.

    On the "Kirov" at this point was almost 293 - 202 tourists and 91 crew members. The tourists, according to preliminary data, - citizens of the United States and Germany. Team - from St. Petersburg.

    The first pictures from the scene shows how badly damaged was a passenger ship. They struck in the starboard hull destroyed during more than ten meters, windows simply crushed inside. Miraculously, nobody was injured. But to continue to cruise Sergei Kirov can not. Passengers were taken ashore.

    Recall the last three months is already the second time that a passenger airliner from St. Petersburg crashed. In May, a similar story happened in Lake Ladoga. Ship "Kronstadt" in the fog Framed aboard cargo ship. On board were nearly 300 veterans - a tour they were invited as a kind of gift to the Victory Day. Fortunately, when all were rescued, but the frightened elderly people still had
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    not only s.t happens!

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    Look, Tvadim ...

    ... be happy to know that there are at least SOME risks left in life!

    Otherwise it would be too dull - especially a ship crouse on a river! There's nothing more boring than that!
    Unless you are a gambler or a hooker!

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