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Thread: It beggars belief: How the fake homeless are raking in more than 20,000 a year

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    It beggars belief: How the fake homeless are raking in more than 20,000 a year

    Their apparently pitiful existence and pleas for money attract the generosity of many passers-by.

    But some beggars are making the equivalent of a 20,000-a-year salary and are not homeless at all, police have revealed.

    They estimate many city centre regulars, who pretend to live on the street, make more money than hard-working professionals.

    Some are routinely taking home as much as 40 a day, rising to 100 at weekends.

    Working a six-day week, they can earn as much as 300 untaxed income a week, giving give them a salary of 15,600.

    After tax and National Insurance deductions workers on a salary of 20,000, which is roughly what newly-qualified teachers earn, take home 15,391.85 a year.

    Following the survey of beggars in Lincoln, police in the city have launched an operation to get them off the streets and prosecute persistent offenders.
    Lincolnshire Police says one man regularly makes more than 50 a day, calling it 'tantamount to theft' .

    Inspector Mark Garthwaite said: 'While we do have people who live on the streets of Lincoln with serious personal and financial problems, there are some who are simply using this as a way of making money and sometimes they are threatening and intimidating.'

    Begging was made a recordable offence in 2003 but does not carry a prison sentence.

    The crackdown in Lincoln follows revelations last year that many beggars in Leicester were in fact office workers topping up their salaries by up to 200 a night.

    Police suspected many ' beggars' were returning from their nine-to-five day jobs and dressing up in rags before targeting commuters by waiting outside shops and next to cashpoints.

    One office worker had apparently started begging in Leicester-city centre to pay for a new kitchen for her flat.

    Officers estimated that some beggars could earn up to 200 on a Friday or Saturday night. If they netted this amount twice every weekend, they could earn as much as 21,000 a year.

    Leicestershire Police began a crackdown after discovering that none of the 20 beggars it had cautioned in the previous fortnight was homeless.

    In 2007, Westminster Council revealed that beggars in London can earn up to 300 a day.

    However, the survey found that a large share of the money collected by beggars goes directly to drug dealers.

    It also revealed that seven out of ten commuters feel guilty if they walk past a beggar without giving money.

    A quarter said they gave donations in the belief that they were helping pay for something to eat or a place to sleep.

    But the research showed that 60 per cent of beggars were not homeless and 70 per cent of those arrested test positive for Class A drugs such as heroin.
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    Если враг в пределах досягаемости, то и вы тоже!

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    They're all at it, thieving scumbags, if I paid taxes I'd be incensed, if it's not the professional beggars it's the bloomin', handicapped
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