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Thread: Running, anybody?

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    Running, anybody?

    I would like to run another half marathon or perhaps even marathon in fall or next spring in (I ran the Moscow half marathon 2 years ago). Does anybody know any good routes for running in the center or just outside the center? I live around Belorusskaya. But the traffic there is just one big disaster and threre's a traffic light every 50 meters. And the small parks are only just by drinking teens. Where to run in this city? Perhaps some of you want to join me for a weekly or bi-weekly 10 kilometer run?

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    Russian runnin'

    PM me -I have a copy of the entire Russian running calendar for 2005 and I'll email it to you. Last weekend was the Moscow Half and 24 hr ultra. The marathon is next weekend. June is FULL of stuff at all distances. The Zelenograd half is June 5th and is the biggest half in Russia. We have the Kremlin Mile the 12th of June or there is a trail race in Bitsevskii the same day.There is a marathon for men /half for ladies. My BF is trying to sucker me into breaking my 5 yr streak at the mile in favor of the mud run at Bitsevskii. 18 June is the 8k for ladies 10k for guys at Olimpiiskii.This course is blazing fast as my 8k PR has been set here a few times. The following weekend is the Luzhniki half and the course is a flat and FAST out and back from Luzhniki to the Kremlin and back(twice).
    If you read Russian,these are good places to find info:
    There is a marathon in July and a killer hill run in Korolev just follow the links to Korolevskie gorki
    August-15k at Luzhniki and marathons in the Oblast(Tver Marathon/50km at Pushino..)

    As for places to run in Moscow-Coach trains us at Kuzminki and reserves space for our group at Luzhniki. Fili,Sokolniki, Serebrenny Bor/Krylatskoe, velotrassa(for hills),V.Gori(where Coach has us run hills), are also quite nice. I can't help you much for running in the center though Gorky Park is OK I guess and one of the Moscow running clubs(MIR) has its clubhouse there.
    My current Moscow stomping grounds are -Trails: Kuzminki and an area in Reutov. Track: Luzhniki.

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