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Thread: How to be rich in russia

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    DaveUK1965 Guest

    Re: Re: How to be rich in russia

    Heheheheee...... no, really ? ;-))))))

    Originally posted by machine
    Get a governmental job.

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    machine Guest
    I'm dead serious :-|

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    DaveUK1965 Guest
    Yep, I know.... ;-))))

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    sally Guest
    From what I have read.. an import business dealing exclusively in hangover cures, blu tack and marmite...

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    DaveUK1965 Guest
    The edible hangover cure you can stick on the wall ! ;-)) Sally, your fortune is assured. You`ll definitely make all the papers, that`s for sure. ;-))))))))))))

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    Braders Guest
    Open a ruddy Chippie/Kebab Shop on Novy Arbat and you'll get at least $200 out of me every month

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    i heard there used to be a chippie at Novokuznetskaya a long time ago but the owner, a Brit went bust.

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    ian Guest
    Rob a bank
    Rip off a dealer
    Put on a uniform
    Grow dope
    Become a writer
    Start a business
    Marry into money honey

    and a ton of other stuff .... must go and lay down now and whisper things .... my head hurts just thinking about the possibilities.

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