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Thread: Adult ADD

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    Adult ADD

    Are there any English speaking resources in Moscow for Adult Attention Deficit Disorder? Is it possible to get Strattera here? What meds are available here?

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    I used to work as a learning disability specialist, and I've talked to a few people in the expat community about support for various difficulties. The Russians I have spoken with say that ADHD does not exist in Russia. (cultural differences...) As far as I know, Strattera and Concerta are not available here. Ritalin ought to be available as it is used for many purposes, but I can't say that I have seen it myself. Getting meds from home is probably your best bet, and I've heard some individuals say that they have had success modifying their environment and self-medicating with caffiene. Finding some supportive friends who understand ADHD can also go a long way. Best of luck with this!

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