after one year of use, the box decided to tell me that 'my product key is not valid any more and i have to re enter my product key, with instructions...
i go to finder, did all the steps,ok
then go to users, did all the things there also,
then did re start and clicked on ANY 2008 office application, as instructed.
the office set up assistant should pop up.
but nothing pops, only the message that i must re enter my product key.
now how do i make the office set up key come out from hibernating?
apparently also the product key, a 25 digit number and letter thing is printed on the back of the set up cd, i bought my mac legally and got the cd.
byt there are no 25 digits, there are 27 and it is not ONE long number, but divided into three...Did MVideo install a dud or can i find the product number somewhere inside my computer?
any help is appreciated.
I ALSO HAVE AN OPTION TO UNINSTALL OFFCE 2008 will that also uninstall word and excel, powerpoint and entourage. mac help online are NOT helpful, the only page that comes up is money first, some 48 $ and then they will answer my questions. capitalist pigs!!!!!!!!!!!!!