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Thread: Teaching mixed ability classes.

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    Teaching mixed ability classes.

    Our central library has invited me to organise and teach an English course to library employees. Their levels of English vary, but they fall into two different categories: those who studied (which does not mean the same as learned) English in school, often many years ago and have since never practised whatever limited English skills they had, and those who studied another language (usually German) at school. I classify the former as false beginners and the latter as real beginners, and would like to teach them as two different groups, but the library authoriities insist they all be taught together. I've had previous experiences of teaching mixed ability groups and have never enjoyed the experience, so any constructive suggestions will be appreciated.

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    You can't be sure untill you have your first introduction class with them. You should assess them all and make your decision from then on.

    But I have a strange feeling that you can walk in there and teach them all on the assumption that they are all pure beginners. How many are there? You are the teacher, and don't let anybody tell you how you should teach including librarians.

    Many of those students studying at state school I have learned that it's best to start all over again from the beginning. This will expecially be true to those who have studied English at school for a long time

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