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Thread: Lamb Shanks

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    Braders Guest

    Lamb Shanks

    I have bought these a few times and was apprehensive about spreading the news incase you lot rush down to Stockmann's and buy them all!

    They are devine though and can be found immediately opposite the butchers section in the freezer.

    I know you can probably buy them at this Rinok or that Rinok, but you can't beat New Zealand Lamb!

    Tender as you like

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    Braders Guest
    Boscoe... can you now give me a recipe?!

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    DPG Guest

    Cheers mate!

    I posted a while back asking if anyone knew where to get them and no one knew what they were!!

    I'll PM you a wicked recipe that will impress the missus!!

    PS. Does the label have a translation of "Lamb Shank" so that I can try the rinoks as well, if they've run out when I eventually get over to Stockers...

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    boscoe Guest
    I've got loads - one of my favorites I'll put somthing together for you

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    Braders Guest
    Translation is: Golyashka Yagnyonka

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    DPG Guest
    Cool, cheers!

    Check your PMs for something that sounds tasty!

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    assorted lamb

    Also at seven continent, australian and NZ lamb - maybe cheaper??

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    Re: assorted lamb

    Originally posted by crom
    Also at seven continent, australian and NZ lamb - maybe cheaper??
    At Perekrestok, too.
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