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Thread: Kids center

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    Kids center

    There is a center located near metro tulskaya which I think is great not only for kids but also for adults. They have from roller skating to bowling.
    You could look it up on


    Good luck

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    I think it also has a strip bar and/or casino - fun for the whole family, in true Russian style!

    Seriously, though, it is a good centre, behind the Metro station (parking in area opposite), but the security men and kacca girls are always very rude, which can be a bit off-putting. I've only ever been to the younger children's section (to the left of the roller-skating rink) - the girls on duty there are very friendly and it's a great multi-level playarea for the children. The cafe (very basic) overlooks the playarea. They also organise parties.

    For younger children, there's also Mir Detstva nearby, which also has a good playroom area (and a much better cafe than the one at the Tulskaya Centre). It also organises puppet shows upstairs on weekend mornings, as well as children's parties.

    Also near Metro Tulskaya there's a good indoor market/mall with two floors of children stuff - from clothing to cots at very reasonable prices (Russian and foreign made goods). There's also a good food (vegetables, etc.) market near the Metro.

    I think details of all these places - play centres and markets - have been posted previously with addresses/directions.

    If you're in the area, the nearby Monastery is well-worth a visit as well - beautiful icons, mosaics and frescoes (just make sure you're suitably covered up - women need to wear a headscarf).

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