Dear students and friends,
My name is Irina. I am a qualified Native Teacher of Russian and have been teaching Russian via skype for more than 10 years long. I offer different programs for you, your family members and your company. So I will provide you with invoices, if required.

►General Russian. The program covers the most essential aspects of everyday life, such as meeting people, getting around the city, shopping, etc. Throughout this program a student practices intensively conversational skills needed when going out, traveling, socializing, solving different problems they can encounter in Russia.

►Business Russian. The business course tackles the key functional areas of business interaction, such as making contacts, telephoning, negotiating deals, participating in meetings, giving presentations in Russian.

►Survival Russian. (40 academic hours). Survival Russian is a crash course designed to meet the needs of foreign specialists, business executives or travelers who have just arrived to Russia and are planning to stay for some time to work or travel.

► for TRKI (TORFL). National Certificate of International Standard (TRKI) may be needed: for studying in Russian Universities, to work in companies, cooperating with Russian firms, for working with Russian clients and tourists, for working in Russia.

The TORFL is a 5-level test based on Standards of the Russian Educational System and Requirements for foreign learners approved by Russian Ministry of Education. The TORFL levels are the following:
* Basic level
* TORFL-1 1st Certificate level, required when entering all higher educational institutions
* TORFL-2 2nd Certificate level
* TORFL-3 3rd Certificate level
* TORFL-4 4th Certificate level

Each level is a combination of tests on all types of language activities (grammar, speaking skills, written skills, reading, listening) intended to estimate proficiency in the Russian language. If you pass ТРКИ-1 then you can be admitted to a Russian university with a requirement to sign up for more advanced Russian language classes. If you pass ТРКИ-2 then you can be admitted to a Russian university without additional requirements, unless you are studying for a translator, editor, reporter, etc. working among Russians. ТРКИ-3 allows you to work/study in any field. ТРКИ-4 represents the same fluency as native Russian speakers have.

►Russian for Adoptive Parents
►Russian for Dating and Marriage

My education:
1. Bachelor's degree in teaching Russian.
2. MBA professional course.
3. Master's degree in teaching English and Russian.

All references and my professional website are available on request.
First lesson of 30 min is FREE of charge.

My skype: i.buricova
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