In the last weeks or even months, the forum has been flooded with spammers. We, mods and admins have tried to keep as many of these spammers out of your sight, as well as their spam messages.

However, spammers turn to new tricks, such as making more or less fake introductions and posting often useless comments in threads. Often, their posts and profiles contain links to gambling, porn and commercial websites. Internally, we have started calling them "Zombies", users that seem to be alive at first, but in fact are only here to spam.

In order to put a stop to this, some parameters on this site have changed. This has some influence on the amount of posts you need to make before:
- posting links to websites
- send/reply to PMs
- some other features.
In other words: as a Newbie, before you can use all features, you will have to stick around for a while and be active on the forums.

Creating a nice introduction thread and joining in on a few discussions on the forums should get you beyond the post limit in no time!