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Thread: Looking for Transport to/from School

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    Looking for Transport to/from School

    Hi all,
    My son (four years old) travels from Krasnopresnenskaia every day to 87a Leninskii Prospekt - while the nearest metro, technically, is Novye Cheremushki, we've been taking him on public transport through Oktiabrskaia and then down Leninskii Prospekt via marshrutka. The whole process is terribly time-consuming for us and utterly exhausting for him, so we're looking for an alternative. Does anyone drive past this route in the morning and/or and have an interest in making a few extra dollars? Or do you have any other suggestions for a better way to get him to school and back?
    Much obliged.

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    It seems like there are other equally time consuming alternatives (go to metro Universitet and then take the tram for example). This route tends to be congested in the morning (and in the afternoon, and in the... well) so it may not be faster to drive. The best to avoid stress would be to leave early enough to be at Oktobreskaya by 7.45 a.m at the latest. I travel back home from school with my daughter on the metro sometimes and I've noticed that the noise and pressure of having to fight your way through from entrance to exit is at least as tiring for her as the actual trip. Good luck

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