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Thread: A few baby items for sale

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    A few baby items for sale

    Following baby items for sale. Will be glad to send photo's as, if you don't know what these things are called, as I'm not sure I do, they are a little hard to describe! Please call 138-42-29 or 8-916-215-8751 or email

    White crib w/ 2 crib sheets, mattress included, from USA, standard size for there: $40

    "Saucercize" - adjustable height. GREAT for babies to strengthen legs before walking: $10

    "Bouncer" - is stationary or rocks; good from newborn up to 9 month+. $5

    "Gym" - breaks down easily, so can be used on a bed or floor: $5

    "Activity Playmat" - self contained. From FAO Schwarz. $10

    "Activity Table" w/ removable legs - great from the time a child can stand - $10

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    vmom Guest

    Baby items for sale

    Only the crib is still for sale: white, full sized (by American standards). Includes 3 sheets and thick mattress. $40 or 1200 rubles.

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