Our aged neighbour from way back gave me this recipe and I've found it to be the easiest one for making all sorts of simple cakes:

The weight of two eggs (still in their shell) of sifted flour, butter and sugar. Beat the eggs, then add the rest of the ingredients, mix well. If it's too thick, add milk drop by drop. Put into a greased tin or cup-cake holders and put in the oven (approx. 180') for around 30-40 minutes (until golden brown, test with a toothpick - prick the cake in the middle and if the toothpick comes out sticky, leave for a bit longer). Decorate.

To make a Marble cake, substitute some of the flour with cocoa powder and mix the ingredients in two bowls. Then pour one onto the other slowly and lightly stir them together 2-3 times with a fork - when you put the mixture into the tin, there should be a marble effect.

To make a Victoria Sponge cake, just mix the ingredients in two bowls and put into two shallow cake tins in the oven. When ready, turn both upside-down and put jam and whipped cream onto one and then put the other on top, like a sandwich. Sift some icing sugar on the top to decorate.

You make all sorts of varieties by simply adding different flavours to the mix. Try adding some lemon juice and rind for a delicious citrus taste.

If you make a dip in the mixture along the middle part of the cake tin before you put it into the oven, the cake will rise more evenly, rather than more in the middle - this will make it flatter (important for the Victoria Sponge).