What's up guys, gals, etc??

Too long of a post, I'm afraid, but I could really use the input.

I just returned to Moscow 3 weeks ago and have been looking over some of the teacher discussion forum threads. This summer's rip on Berlitz by Bels and xSnoofovich helped to open my eyes a bit. Thomas Stwalley's experience in the hinterlands and then finding success in Moscow was helpful too.

I am hoping you can help a guy out. You seem to know a thing or two about this business/profession, especially as it pertains to Moscow and I don't know a damn thing~~~yet.

I'm hoping you can steer me clear of some of the 'less than reputable places' who may wish to hire an American, native speaking, TEFL Ceritified teacher. Furthermore, I hope you can point me to a good place to start practicing this profession. I am TEFL Certified but have no practical experience using this credential. I hope to find a place that will actually invest in me as a teacher so that I may develop my skills in lesson prep./presentation, etc. A good curriculum may seem like a crutch to some folks but I think that it would go a long ways toward me gaining confidence in this role.

I was actually part of a Bible Church, here in the 90's and did some "conversational english' classes as well. That experience taught me that I needed to get some training in order to really become effective.

Circumstances have brough me back here, so I went ahead and took a TEFL Certification course this summer.

Specific questions:
1. Recommended employers who will not screw me over and help me develop as a professional,
2. STAY AWAY FROM, employers or situations,
3. Rates of pay: What should I get as a beginning teacher? What should I look for in the future as I gain experience?

I have an offer on the table for
650 RUR/ac. hr but travel the city and am kind of on my own. Just like the Backpacking, non-professionals who Bels described in one of his posts.

I don't want to be a native speaker who is hired on that basis alone. I want to develop into a pro and make a decent living while doing so.

Any help at all will go a long ways toward helping me to go in the right direction. Kind of a long note, I realize, but I'm the new guy, remember? Sorry 'bout that. I need a beer now!

Thanks in advance!!