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Thread: Pros and cons

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    Pros and cons

    Hi everyone.
    pretty much my first post here

    just wanted to get a feel for the happiness level of those living in moscow.

    Basically I am a fluent russian speaker although i have never lived in russia (visited a few times)

    my girlfriend is russian and is currently working in the financial sector
    there is a good reason to believe she might not have a job come january
    and although i have a great job as a stock broker myself i am getting a bit tired of London.

    So basically we are toying with the idea of moving to moscow (she is not too keen on the idea simply cause she thinks i will be stolen from her by the beautiful girls, who (she thinks) will be all over me. but let's leave that out of the pros and cons discussion for now ).

    I visted Moscow earlier this year for a couple of days and quite liked it. It seemed more civilised than in 1994 (my last visit there) although there are still a few glaring issues (corruption and pettiness displayed by the hotel staff, some big guys on the street threatening to beat me up when i took a picture of their pimped up hummer, fewer friendly/relaxed faces than i am used to even in lodnon, to name but a few).

    Anyway, in a bid to avoid confusing tourism with emigration i would like to ask you what you like and dislike the most about living in moscow and what you miss about your home the most.

    Also if anyone is currently working in the broking/trading environment i would especially love to hear from you.

    Many thanks in advance

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    Hello and welcome!

    If you speak the language already and you have a foothold into the community with a Russian girlfriend, socially, you should find the transition do-able.

    Professionally, you need a good package with plenty of money and visa support (which, in your industry, should be okay). Moscow is extremely expensive (I was shopping for watchbands . . .WATCHBANDS! today and found them in the 1000-1800 ruble range. I'm sure I can do better, but sheesh!).

    Yes, the women are gorgeous here, and yes, there can be a predatory nature, but this, of course, is not true of all Russian women.

    If you like the buzz of a big city, art, culture, nightlife, music, etc., then Moscow is a hopping place. A young-ish couple with no children could have a ball.
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