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Forum Rules


The forum is a place for exhanging information and discussing life and staying in Russia, in all its aspects. In order to make this an enjoyable experience for all, we have forum rules that we expect all members, including you, to take into account. Most are based on common sense. Below is a shortlist of our main points of attention, all of which link to our detailed rules:

A. Netiquette:
- Do not insult other members and refrain from trolling
- Respect the opinions of others, agree to disagree
- Do not post material that is inflammatory and/or illegal
- Mind your language: profanity is only allowed in a special section of the forum, called "Bardak"

B. Your account & connection to
- You are allowed ONE account
- Most user names are allowed, but there are some exceptions
- Connecting through proxy servers may result in you not having access

C. Posting rules:
- Post where appropriate, don't post one message on several places
- Respect the privacy of other forum members: don't share private information of others in public, this includes PMs (personal messages)
- The main forum language is English, readable English that is

D. Advertisements and commercial posts:
- Spamming is NEVER allowed. Advertising is only allowed under strict conditions.
- Buying and selling goods & services (on a NON-commercial basis) is only allowed in the Marketplace

E. Moderation
- This forum is moderated, so breaking the forum rules will have consequences, see also the Infraction System
- As a member, we ask you to help keeping this site fun, friendly and informative: please report any inappropriate posts or messages

F. Infraction System
- Breaking the rules is not allowed, so if you do, you may find yourself receiving infractions, that may lead to a temporary ban or a permanent one.

But viewing/ posting on the forum, you are agreeing to these rules. We kindly request you and expect you to familiarize yourself with the detailed rules (click in the Table of Contents or one of the headers in this section) and wish you a good and useful time on the forum!

Last update: September 26, 2012*

* The previous version of the rules can be found here.

A. Netiquette

1. While debating and discussion is fine, we will not tolerate rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks or purposeless inflammatory posts. Consistent disruptive behavior or attitude over a period of time will result in a permanent ban.
2. No thread hijacking - this means any off-topic post which does not relate to the thread subject. Such posts WILL be deleted.
3. Please refrain from posting meaningless threads, one word (or short) non-sense posts, or the like - if you like a post feel free to use the "Thanks" button.
4. Impersonating other members is NOT permitted and can get you banned. Posting real names or personal information is NOT permitted and will get you banned.
5. Swearing outside Bardak is NOT allowed, if you have to swear use a ‘*’ in place of at least two letters.
6. Multiple or repeated posting in order to increase your post count is not allowed.
7. Threats made to other members and/or staff either publicly or privately will result in an immediate permanent ban.
8. Advertising, spamming, and trolling is not allowed. This includes using the Private Message system to spam other members. If you should receive any via the PM system, please report it to a mod or admin. Spam is defined as any unsolicited advertisement or message of a commercial nature. Trolling is defined as posting deliberately provocative content on the forum with the sole intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.
9. When communicating with Moderators/Admins please be respectful and polite. Explain your problems/issues in a calm and clear manner. Rude behavior and/or attitude towards Mods/Admins WILL NOT BE TOLERATED and can result in an immediate ban. If you have a problem with any of the Moderators on the site or any decision they have made please PM one of the Admins. We take all such complaints seriously and will respond in a timely manner.
10. Private Messages (PM) are just that, Private. Do not post a PM from anyone that has been sent to you, if the author wants to post their opinion they can do so on open forum. If you receive a PM that contains abuse or anything that concerns you, please forward to an Admin and we will deal with it. At the least you risk losing the ability to send or receive PMs if you break this rule.

B. Your account & connection to

11. You are allowed ONE account per person, unless you have special permission from the administration.
12. User name: If you have any doubt when choosing a name, please ask first if it is appropriate. Common sense should alert you well before we have to, and the following rules apply at all times:
12a. You are welcome to use your real name here, though most choose not to.
12b. Company and website names are NOT allowed except by advertisers & forum sponsors in good standing.
12c. Inflammatory names which contain bad language, religious overtones, or other objectionable elements as decided by the Mod team will be removed.
12d. These rules also apply to your user title, signature and any links in your signature.
13. Connecting to the forums via proxy servers may result in you not having access. We reserve the right to block traffic from sources we consider dangerous or potentially harmful to our users or the site itself.
14. If at anytime you due to a glitch of some sort get access to any area of the site that you know you shouldn’t have please notify an administrator as soon as possible. Don’t enter the area, doing so will be seen as hacking and you will be banned from the site.

C. Posting rules

15. Post your message in the appropriate forum, there are a wide range of topics which should cover just about everything.
16. DO NOT post the same message in more than one forum - this will result in ALL copies of your message being deleted.
17. Soliciting and offering illegal goods or services is NOT ALLOWED and may result in immediate banning or infraction.
18. DO NOT resurrect old threads. If you want to discuss something which you have found in the archives, start a new thread on that subject. Any thread with no activity for over a month is considered old.
19. No Personal information should be posted on the site - this includes telephone numbers and email addresses. Posts including personal info WILL be edited or simply deleted. Non-personal contact info may be posted, such as how to contact a business, restaurant, embassy, taxi, etc..
20. Please use proper English when posting. It is NOT ok to post using internet speak/slang and/or abbreviated words. Such posts will be either edited or deleted. Exceptions to this are standard acronyms such as LOL, ROFL, etc.., which are more "shortcuts" than slang. Example --> "LOLZ...!!! dat wuz funny!!", or using "u" instead of "you"... a bit of common sense here goes a long way.
21. The official language of these forums is English. If you wish to post something in Russian, please post it HERE. Posts made in Russian or any language other than English in any other forum will be treated as spam.
22. Anything posted on the site becomes the property of and cannot be reproduced without permission.

D. Advertisements and commercial posts

23. Individuals are allowed to advertise their services within reason, but posting the same thing in more than one section or more than once a month is not allowed.
24. All ads should be posted in the Marketplace section. Please note that the process for posting ads is not the same as posting a normal thread or post - please read this thread for more information.
25. No advertising of any COMMERCIAL operation is allowed on the boards without prior approval:
- if you would like to advertise (e.g. have a banner on the forum), please contact
- if you would like to participate as an discount card, please contact
26. You may NOT post any affiliate or referral links, or post anything asking for a referral. Such posts will be subject to removal and a warning will be issued, followed by an infraction.
27. Promotion of other sites, forums, or products is NOT ALLOWED, nor is discussion of their politics, activities, etc.. The exception to this is posting a link in your signature - you may post a link to anything within reason in your signature file if your post count is 20 or higher and you have been a member for at least 10 days.

E. Moderation

28. The Admin team shall be the sole arbitrator of what does and what does not violate community standards.
29. We reserve the right to remove offensive posts without notice.
30. We also reserve the right to ban anyone at any time without explanation.
31. Reposting something that a mod/admin has already moderated is grounds for an instant ban.
32. While the forum rules cover most common situations, they cannot anticipate everything. Consequently we reserve the right to take any actions we deem appropriate to ensure these forums are not disrupted or abused in any way.
33. All members are kindly requested to report posts or messages that violate the forum rules.

F. Infraction system

34. Breaking the rules may earn you infraction points. As soon as your total amount of infraction points reach or exceed the amount of 10, you will be temporarily banned.
35. Temporarily banned users spend their time in the so-called Sin Bin. In the Sin Bin, you are able to view threads and send & receive PMs, but these are not accomplished rights.
36. Multiple temporary bans may result in a Permanent ban.
37. The following standard infractions apply:
Insulting other members = 5 points
Bad language (outside of Bardak) = 5 points
10 points will automatically ban you for 2 days
20 points will automatically ban you for 5 days
30 points will automatically ban you for an unlimited time. In this case, you will have to take effort (contacting the Mod Team) in order to have the ban lifted.
38. As an exception, you can be given a "custom infraction". In this case, the amount and/or duration are different from standard infractions.