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26-08-2008, 17:15
a warning from Mr. Judge:

Stop spamming the board with your crap about S.0. You made a thread earlier and I moved it to the right place.. Keep this up and you will be banned.

I actually have more perspective and sense regarding Caucasus geo-politics than anyone I know of, and for Mr. Judge to characterize my insights as spam truly is ridiculous and pathetic. And I expect my merely saying will result in being banned from commenting here, which I would consider no great loss to me, but a considerable loss for you people.

26-08-2008, 17:35
It's ridiculous and pathetic how you keep posting about yourself being so great.
A few weeks ago I pmed you saying to post in the right part of the forum..You clearly didn't care for the pm and you keep posting about politics in the cafe..

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