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DJ Biscuit
23-06-2004, 17:21
Britain best for having a laugh.

Britain is the best in Europe at having a good laugh, according to a survey.

In a Reader's Digest poll of other European nations, Britain - home of TV comedy classics from Monty Python and Mr Bean to The Office - was overwhelmingly voted to have the best sense of humour.

It was ranked top with 30% of the votes from 4,000 people from 19 EU nations, ahead of Italy with 15% and France and Spain, both on 7%. The Swiss were the least funny.

One Dutchman said he liked British comedians for "appearing deadly serious and being hilarious at the same time".

Achievements in football, medicine and industry helped Britain to be considered as the nation which has contributed most to the world. It received 28% of the vote, ahead of Germany with 21% and France at 13%.

But that is where the compliments stopped because, according to the survey, the British are rude, not sexy, inefficient and the food is bad.

At 12% of the vote the British were the third rudest, behind the Germans (27%) and French (14%).

"They do not seem to know how to behave on holiday," one Dutchwoman said. "All they do is drink and yell."

The Norwegians and the Swiss were the least rude on 1%.

The Italians were the sexiest with a 34% rating, followed by Spain with 15% and France with 14%, while Britons came joint seventh with four other countries after scoring a paltry 2%. The only comfort was that the Belgians were last after scoring 0%.

Sidney Bliss
23-06-2004, 17:29
Originally posted by DJ Biscuit
[B]At 12% of the vote the British were the third rudest, behind the Germans (27%) and French (14%).

Some gaps will never be bridged ;)

DJ Biscuit
23-06-2004, 17:39
Everyone sing:

''At least we're sexier than the Belgians, ''At least we're sexier than the Belgians, nana na na''

:p :D

23-06-2004, 17:56
"They do not seem to know how to behave on holiday," one Dutchwoman said. "All they do is drink and yell."

What's this git's point? What's her perception of what a holiday is for exactly?

Also - Italians? Sexy? Who, Fabio? They're hairy, stinky and reek - and that's just the women. The men may fit the women's "tall, dark, and handsome" cliche, but flossing my teeth with my girlfriend's armpit hair does not qualify as sexy.

Also, there's a huge difference between "rude" and "indifferent": I'd say the French are simply indifferent.

23-06-2004, 18:02

You just don't know the French. Parisians are rude to everyone including each other. People in the countryside are indifferent to some, but immeasurably nicer to foreigners than Parisians.

DJ Biscuit
23-06-2004, 18:08
Anyone remember this?:

Young parisians are so french
They love patty smith
Young parisians are so french
At the champs elycee

I want to go to paris with you
Just to see what the french boys do
Why don't you come to paris with me?
And see the young parisians

Young parisians are so french
They sit on the metro
Young parisians are so french
Not like me and you

Young parisians are so french
They're always called du bois
Young parisians are so french
Talk nothing but french

23-06-2004, 19:30
Swedish adverts can be funny! Telly there is rather boring, but some of the adverts I saw there were some of the cleverestest ones I've seen in a long while.

23-06-2004, 21:17
So the Russians don't score as funny or sexy or rude?

Huh. I think they're underrated. This is part of Europe, right?

Their pop stars are a gas. They certainly can be unbelievably rude, and no one around here denies that the girls in this country are fairly hot.

Readers Digest. They probably only surveyed tiny grey haired people who travel on all-you-can-eat-tour buses.

23-06-2004, 21:26
naw, i think it's that most of the world doesn't consider Russia a part of Europe.
history lesson number whatever: consider the eternal question, is Russia in Europe or Asia?

next week: whose fault is it?

23-06-2004, 21:56
wish russia was properly eurpoean, then all issues with visas will disappear... oh yes :)

24-06-2004, 01:40
Originally posted by pengwn9
and no one around here denies that the girls in this country are fairly hot.

Not a bad effort by half, very close, almost there - come on, just admit it, we've all been waiting for ages now:

Russian women are VERY hot.

Tell us that you really admire how they so effortlessly (usually) get away with the (how did you put it in another post a while back?) 3 inch heels, arse wiggling and eyelash batting...:D;)

chrisj_m - Keep wishing mate...

24-06-2004, 02:28
Is there a same degree of talent in the male population, I fear not...

24-06-2004, 02:35
DPG, try walking in 3 inch heels. your arse will wiggle whether or not you want it to. that's nothing to "pull off," it's just an added "benefit" of the heel. but it does take some effort to keep yuor legs over yuor head for extended period of time. i'll give 'em that.

24-06-2004, 03:24


Not sure that many would want to see my arse wiggling - and even if they do, I'm certainly not going to wear three inch heels!

24-06-2004, 04:01
whoa, no editing? rock on! i guess i'll catch the sh*t later.

24-06-2004, 04:29
If it's funny (and yeah yeah before anyone jumps in, I know that humour is subjective...I'm British!!;)), it doesn't get edited as long as the language is ok...

That said I wonder if I'll get "the email" from the "report to moderator" button in the morning.

That said, it's past 4am now and I still have a three page document to edit (read re-write)...if the email does come in the morning or even afternoon, it certainly won't be me who responds to it!!

24-06-2004, 04:54
i feel ya on that editing. it can get baaaaaad.

25-06-2004, 02:27
Originally posted by DPG

chrisj_m - Keep wishing mate...

I will do.... I will...... :)