View Full Version : Double entry business visa to multiple entry business visa?

23-08-2008, 16:25
My husband and I are coming to Moscow. His company is advising him to get a double entry business visa and claim that they can then convert this into a multiple entry business visa when he arrives in Moscow. Is this possible? Doesn't he need to leave Russia and then go to a Russian Consulate/Embassy to then get a multiple entry visa?

I am so confused...


23-08-2008, 18:40
It's usaul procedure to get the business work visa first. I assume this is a known international company? Used to employing expats? If so don't worry and follow their guidance. Is the invitation that you need to get your visa from your employer? Or he is the name and address unknown?

23-08-2008, 23:54
What they have said doesn't really make sense, unless they mean for him to get a double entry business visa and when he gets to Moscow, they will get a work permit for him ... which might be where the confusion comes from. If he is coming to Moscow to work, that is in reality the only thing they could have meant and if they mean something else, then make sure they explain it to you very carefully ... if you plan staying for the long term for a job, then he will need the work permit.

24-08-2008, 11:15
Very true, I assumed the poster meant work permit, because why on earth change the visa, of which you can't of course. The employer should have made it clear that they were talking about a work permit.

24-08-2008, 11:17
But they will need an actual invitation with the employers name on it, before they apply for a visa. Otherwise there might be problems.