View Full Version : What a bloody lovely day it is

Sidney Bliss
23-06-2004, 12:42
Birds singing in the trees, smiling faces everywhere, cute things on the metro, witty scallywags on expat.ru and football on the box again tonight.

DJ Biscuit
23-06-2004, 12:47
Where are you? :D

Sidney Bliss
23-06-2004, 12:48
Wigan ;)

23-06-2004, 13:33
A lovely day indeed [falls back asleep on her desk] :p

DJ Biscuit
23-06-2004, 16:21

Well that explains it then!

23-06-2004, 16:25
not to mention it's p'ing it down outside....

DJ Biscuit
23-06-2004, 16:58
Here too, and will continue that way.

They say there are warm days ahead, one in July the other one in August! ;)

23-06-2004, 18:28
Its Wimbledon thats why its raining in the UK !!

23-06-2004, 19:05
aye - naturally :)

ahh well - leaving this rainy weather for russia soon :)

DJ Biscuit
23-06-2004, 19:08
Err, as I said, it's been raining here for a while. In Moscow anyway.

23-06-2004, 19:15
;) indeed....

23-06-2004, 21:31
It better stop raining soon, I have many cute outfits I wish to wear but it's too bloody cold at the moment.

23-06-2004, 21:57
*g* well so long as it's sunny by the time I get there - been waiting a long time to see my gf in cute outfits ;)

23-06-2004, 22:25
Ahh Santa Barbara err seriously um The weather is here, wish you were beautiful .....that's right da?

23-06-2004, 22:49
Iwas in SB a couple of weeks ago (best friend works for UCSB), lovely place, not sure about the over use of Mission style!!

24-06-2004, 00:09
Originally posted by Smurfette
Iwas in SB a couple of weeks ago (best friend works for UCSB), lovely place, not sure about the over use of Mission style!! It's a historical thing, from when California was under Spanish/Mexican occupation. A sort of reconquesta seems to be on the rise however due to the open border policy of the government here.
Northern California is where you can see Russian influence, Fort Ross, San Francisca, Sebastopol etc.. I have a degree from UCSB from ......long ago :-))

24-06-2004, 00:52
I like SF, would like to ge back and spend a bit more time there, need to save up first though!! SB was interesting, I just thought the restrictions on building style rather limited its character. UCSB has an interesting history, the lagoon thingy is rather cute and it has a good beach for a university!