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22-06-2004, 23:21
My wife and I will be bringing our 3 1/2 year old to Moscow for about two months this late summer/fall (approximate dates: August 25 to October 19). We were wondering whether anyone had advice on travelling with kids for a medium term trip such as this.

My wife and I will both be doing research and so will need some kind of child care. Is it too short a time for him to get into an English-speaking pre-school? (He knows no Russian and is unlikely to learn much in this short period of time.) Perhaps a babysitter/nanny would be more practical, but our budget precludes the higher end type services that I've seen advertised.

Also, I would love to hear people's thoughts about health care for children there. I apologize if this has been covered on this board before, but in a brief perusal of recent threads, I did not find anything. Are the Western clinics incredibly expensive? What do you do in case of emergencies?

If anyone has any suggestions, or if there are any service providers -- either schools or babysitters/nannies -- please let me know, either on list if you think it would be interesting to other folks or via PM.

Spasibo bol'shoe in advance.

23-06-2004, 10:37
Arriving a couple of months at the start of the school year might be a problem, but here is a list of English-speaking pre-schools/kindergartens, taken from previous posts:

English Nursery - www.englishnursery.ru, tel. 933-28-93

Montessori - tel. 108-20-88

Petit Cref - www.cref.ru, tel. 203-20-06

Little Angels - tel. 779-76-40

Playschool Moscow - tel. 134-20-06

British International - www.bischool-mos.com, tel. 154-52-23

Anglo-American - www.aas.ru, te. 728-52-05

You should also contact your Embassy, as some have their own kindergartens and it might be easier to secure a place there.

In terms of clinics, I'm not sure if any insurance will cover under one year. Here is a list of English-speaking clinics, taken from the Yellow Pages (website given below):

European Medical and Dental Centre - www.emcmos.ru, tel. 933-66-55

American Clinic - www.americanclinic.ru, tel. 937-57-57

International SOS - www.international-sos.com, tel. 937-64-50

Again, your Embassy may have their own clinic that you can use or they might be able to give you more advice.

The only nanny service I've heard about is Bonne International, advertised on this website (www.bonne-int.com). You might have more luck hiring someone through word-of-mouth or through this website.

Here are some other useful websites:



www.infoservices.com/moscow (Yellow Pages Directory)

There are lots of playareas, etc. where your child can have a run around and meet other children his/her own age. Most of them have been listed before on previous posts.

Hope this helps!

23-06-2004, 10:42
Also, you should ask your Embassy about social groups. Some have been listed here previously (the IWC and BWC). Most Embassies seem to have their own social network and some have groups for children as well. Most social groups will open again for the new year in September. (You'll find that most things are closed for the summer here - starting from June, then going through July and August.)

23-06-2004, 11:33
I've just noticed this medical service, advertised in the Moscow Times' Mini Guide:

Global Voyager Assistance - www.gva.ru, tel. 775-09-99

23-06-2004, 18:30
Thanks, Pingu, I appreciate all the good suggestions!